Erleen Nada is an electronic musician based out of Los Angeles. A sassy synth-master, Nada’s avant-garde space tunes carry a sense of colossal power and urgency. Cooing dark and hilarious nonsense over warped, beautifully coarse synth jaunts, she seems to tell the listener, “Freak out, or perish.”

In 2010 the German record label Destination Pop released her first EP on vinyl titled “Peachy Keen.” The album was well received internationally. In Berlin, where the album was released, Erleen received airplay on local radio stations. Following a number of single releases, Nada’s first full length album “Songs From the Other Side of Infinity” was released in 2016. Erleen’s next full length album will be released in 2017.

Nada has been featured on Weirdest Band in the World.com and many other blogs and websites around the world. In 2013 her demo was named one of the top ten in the City Beat - a San Diego weekly publication.

Nada has performed live with many notable artists including Jello Biafra of The Dead Kennedys, and "the original west coast hip hop artist" known as The Egyptian Lover. In 2014 she toured in Europe with the Dutch musician and cult figure Harry Merry.