"Nothing not to like about a psychic uterus!"

—Gerald V. Casale

"I've known Erleen Nada as a musician, and a shit-hot graphic designer; best I've directly worked with since John Yates. For the "White People and the Damage Done" album, she fired off over a dozen front covers; at least half of them keepers, and wildly different from each other.

When I noticed footage from my favorite space alien cult in her "Psychedelic Spaceship" clip, I was hooked.

All the more knowing she hails from Colorado Springs, CO; the childhood home of my own father - and Lon Chaney, Sr."

—Jello Biafra

"Just when I thought electronic music had become the enemy, Erleen Nada handed me a glittery treaty of irresistible pop gold. A sassy synth-master, Nada’s avant-garde space tunes carry a sense of colossal power and urgency. Cooing dark and hilarious nonsense over warped, beautifully coarse synth jaunts, she seems to tell the listener, “Freak out, or perish.” “Psychedelic Space Ship” is this demo’s oddly addictive standout track, with a pulsing beat and twangy guitars that—when isolated from the vocals—sound like the best of Queen. Nada might have much more psychedelic tastes than the average electro-songstress (think Santigold or Peaches), but she also sounds much more authentic. FB/erleennada"

—Sammi Skolmoski

"San Diego, California is not renowned for the cutting edge of its music scene. Yet synth pop artist Erleen Nada has come up with one of the most outlandish and original records of the year with her debut single, 'Peachy Keen’.

'Peachy Keen' should perhaps be called 'Peachy Fucking Keen', as such is its chorus. For all its lavish swearing, and there is this and a lot more on 'Peachy Keen', it is also hilarious. Dumped by her boyfriend, and then in rapid succession fired also from both her band for not being a vegan and finally her job, Nada retaliates by deciding to strike out of her own and to focus instead on her songwriting, which she hopes will make her the centre of attention. Nada’s tongue-in-cheek and ultimately bittersweet spoken word vocals merge with siren-like synths on this uncompromising track, which with dark humour ironically captures the need of all of us to try to find acceptance and love one way or the other.

Its B side, 'Cowbell Song', is both more brooding and conventional, a techno number in which Nada's chanted vocals are put up against a thundering drum machine and hazy, slowly whirring synths. ‘Cowbell Song’ both proves a contrast and reveals another side to Nada's distinctive personality.

'Peachy Keen' is being released in a limited edition of 200 copies on the German vinyl only label Destination Pop, and for both its inventiveness and sheer bullishness deserves to sell out quickly."


“Erleen took the stage in a huge white wig and white-painted face, and then she delivered an amazing performance art/punk rock set that was probably too raw for RAW. The majority of the white, 20-30 year old, upper middle-class audience seemed unprepared for any of it. They couldn’t ignore what was happening on the stage, but they looked uncomfortable (90% of them). The rest of the “show” was kind of a trade show/art market on the floor of 4th & B where people paid and then displayed their various crafts. But while Erleen Nada performed all transactions were halted. At the end of her set she ripped off her wig and sang a song called Shut the Fuck Up — REALLY LOUD. The lyrics mainly consisted of “shut the fuck up” repeated again and again. It was kind of wonderful to watch this screamed at the audience while they stood around throwing sideways glances at one another. Suffice it to say, I was enamored by the performance and I wanted to know more about Erleen Nada.”

—Katherine Sweetman

“Was Erleen Nada the class clown ? Did she do too much acid ? I don't know what makes her so cool, but since I found her on the internet, I have been watching & listening with a smile on my face :) Visually you can sort of tell that she probably grew up on The B-52's, Devo, Julie Brown, Madonna and some industrial goth, but shes got a mutant sound & style of her own. ”


Erleen Nada is probably not the kind of artist you would immediately associate with San Diego, California. Visually, she could have been the third girl in the B-52′s of the early 80s, but her main musical inspiration obviously comes from European artists such as Danielle Dax, Gina X Performance and Strawberry Switchblade.

The title track of Erleen Nada’s first vinyl single "Peachy Keen" may be regarded as spoken word combined with classic synth pop, seductively strange and catchy at the same time. "Cowbell Song" as the B-side, however, is darker and proves to be a striking contrast to the lead track.


The first song on this album is called “Psychic Uterus”. The last song on this album is called “Mystery Bruise". The nine intervening songs bring to mind The Fall as produced by Martin Hannett circa 1980 and surely there can be no higher recommendation than that.


"I don’t know about you, but some of my favorite weird music videos are the ones where you can quite tell if the band is kidding or not. When I first watched “Psychedelic Spaceship” from self-proclaimed “sassy synth master” Erleen Nada, I was sure the whole thing was a big goof. Now I’ve watched it like 10 times, because it’s awesome, and I can’t tell anymore. She’s like the sexy lovechild of Jan Terri and Fred Schneider. Is she really gonna take a ride on a psychedelic spaceship? Is she really infinity? I think maybe she is. Take me with you, Erleen!"


"...Erleen Nada is good companionship, her invitation comes in music form and it’s fair to say that it’s catchy in infinite ways; a song you could play forever and ever… The music makes you want to move not like human Mick Jagger but like the infinite future herself ‘Erleen Nada’ whose special moves are finely captured in this promotional call to fly with her in the psychedelic spaceship. Count the stars (including Erleen Nada herself!) and hear her invitation for forever and forever..."


"Erleen Nada’s latest music video clip for her song ‘Peachy Keen’ is one of the empowering and motivational of its kind. You might see this as a ‘don’t let anyone ever get you down’ kind of tune.
But to inspire and empower a listening viewer at home, the source got to be fully empowered too; you can’t give from an empty cup, right? Peachy Keen’ by Erleen Nada is a showcase of how the artist got it made; she will sing about how a boyfriend attempted to break her heart which she (after probably a little behind the scenes scene of booze intake) then gave the middle finger, and rightly so as it is his loss! There is plenty more male fish in the sea, but only one ‘Erleen Nada’ in the world..."



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